Different, Expressive, Bold. The true expression of the wines of the mountains.

Pablo Blasco

Pablo Andrés Blasco was born and raised in Mendoza surrounded by wine culture. Grandson of European immigrants, he brings the passion for the wine activity in his blood. This passion was completed with his improvement at the Juan Agustín Maza University, where he studied at the University of Enology.

Since then he has been part of the oenological team of different wineries, large and small, living the profession from different approaches and areas. What he never left is his passion for teaching and research, always combining both activities.

This is how he met this group of friends who form Malacara as part of the team since 2018.

“My work as a winemaker at Malacara is based on 3 pillars: passion for what is done, care and respect for the environment and transmission of experiences and knowledge to new generations. This is reflected in a wine that manifests itself with its naturalness, highlighting the characteristics of the terroir and its evolution until it reaches its maximum expression. All this adds to the teamwork of this group of friends that is reflected in the essence of the wines we produce. ”