Different, Expressive, Bold. The true expression of the wines of the mountains.

Marcelo Peleritti

Marcelo Pelleriti is a global reference in the enology industry, he developed his professional career in Pomerol France and Mendoza Argentina, establishing himself as a great interpreter of the terroir.

Guided by his wise master, Michel Rolland, Marcelo forged his own path by making wines that are recognized worldwide. Marcelo has led the harvests in Bordeaux for Chateau La Violette, Chateau Le Gay and Chateau Montviel, living in France between September and November every year since 2001.

His expertise in these two distinct terroirs has helped him garner international renown for these exceptional wines. Marcelo consistently receives high ratings for his wines in France and Argentina and is the first Latin-American winemaker to obtain 100 points by Robert Parker for a French wine. A true music lover, Marcelo plays guitar when he's not at work during harvest season.